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Yesterday we talked about the different avenues of Advertisement, and how to track which is most effective for your business. (You can find that blog here) One Advertisement method that’s great for marketing your services while being easy to track is something known as ‘Call to Action’.
Your website has the capacity to not only enlighten consumers about your business but to also convince them to act on the knowledge you provide. That’s where Call to Action (also known as CTA) comes in to play. This is a key element in your website that you don’t want to miss out on. Are you trying to promote something with your company? CTA is presented in many forms on websites, but usually stands apart from the original design of the website, and once prompted will  lead you to another page explaining the promotion.

Below is a CTA from a well-known entrepreneur, Michael Hyatt. You’ll see he’s promoting two different items, both of which cater to his overall business model and what his company represents:


Being a very influential speaker and author, he promotes those services on the top of the screen, and the far right of the screen.  You’ll notice in this example that the placement of these items are easy to spot, which grabs the viewers attention. This plays a key role in successful CTA. So, now that we know what CTA is, how can you effectively implement this in your company?

 First and foremost, evaluate all the promotions you’re able to utilize, and find which pages in your website would best support them.

 Design: The freedom you have with CTA’s is that you’re able to stray away from the design of your website – because you want your viewers to notice it. A great way to do this is to use contrasting colors from the general color scheme of your site. Make sure it’s large enough for the viewer to spot. Pay attention to placement and the path your eyes naturally land on within your site.

 Content: Make sure the content of your CTA creates a reaction from the viewer.  After viewing your website, what will people realize that they’re needing? How will this promotion help them get there? Be concise and create inspiration for them to act.

Payments: Make sure you allow your customers to make a payment easily and start a transaction going. Customers often find it to difficult to purchase items securely with a credit card or lack trust in making the purchase on impulse. We have api development services with several of the top tier credit card processing platforms. We offer service provider integration with, High Risk Account and also with Americas Best POS Systems.

Knowledge: The viewers need to understand what happens once they click the CTA button, otherwise – they’ll be less inclined to move forward with something so ambiguous.

Create a Landing Page: Where does your CTA lead? Make sure that whatever you’re promoting has a page specifically for that promotion so that you’re better able to track the generated traffic.

How do you plan to use CTA in your website? The Entreview Marketing team encourages you to implement the best marketing for your business, and we’re passionate about helping you get there. Stay tuned next week to see what marketing tactic we’ll have in store for you! As always, we’d love to hear your input or questions. We’re here to serve you.

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