The Power of Mom

With the high costs of child care, some Moms are pushed out of the workforce because being a stay at home becomes the most financially logical decision. According to this article, cost of care for families with working moms climbed more than 70 percent between 1985 and 2011 and the pricing continues to rise.  So, the question becomes – how can stay-at-home Moms generate income?
The Entreview Marketing Teams loves empowering people through education, and in honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed some light on great career opportunities for Stay-at-home Moms:

Sell Crafts Online
If you enjoy the art of craft making, you should consider selling your items online. There’s great platforms you can use, like Etsy, that specifically cater to hand crafted items. To top it off, there’s a huge market for crafted items – so there’s plenty of potential for great success.

Blogs are a great way to get your voice out by providing helpful information that people need. If you have recipes, crafting adventures, or anything that you specialize in, share it with the world! Once you’ve launched your site, you could market yourself to services that will pay to keep your blog active.

Tutoring can be applied in an educational or instrumental sense. If you have strengths in either, you should use them for the benefit of others. A plus to this is that your clients typically come to you, so no driving is necessary!

Office Support
There are plenty of companies who seek customer service agents that can work virtually to answers phones and provide support for clients. If this is something that could possibly interest you, we encourage you to check out job boards that feature these flexible positions, like

Direct Sales
If you’re outgoing with great people skills and strengths in sales, you could always take on companies like Avon or Mary Kay. These are great because you get to connect with other Moms and help them with any cosmetic issues they run into. If cosmetics isn’t your forte, there’s other great companies that offer a wide variety of services.

These are just a few ideas we wanted to share, and we hope we created enough job diversity in our selections. We believe in the power of Moms, and we hope you share your talents with the world!

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